24 June 2021

New Music Alert- “Boat to Shanghai”

During the Gold Rush Era of San Francisco, crew members could not be found to work on the ships. So if you had one too many, you might find yourself Shanghai’d, sailing on a boat to China. Enjoy our latest single “Boat to Shanghai,” an epic sea shanty featuring Josh Brough on Ukelele
10 July 2020

How To Fix Screen Flickers After Mac OS Update

Not everyone was reporting these problems, but there are certainly enough people experiencing this for it to get mentioned. The flickering screen seems to be appearing on retina and non-retina screens, with Mac users noting that it can affect them when using Terminal, or when graphics are enabled or disabled. In some cases, it’s so... Read More
06 September 2019

Farewell For Now at the Fillmore!!

The Fillmore thought we should throw one last party. We say “That’s a great idea.” So here it is, Black Friday, November 29th, San Francisco, California. Bring the family for a Thanksgiving extravaganza! Our own “Last Waltz” of our own greatest hits to celebrate 18 years of incredible times. Our friendsThe Sam Chase & The Untraditional will... Read More
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